Micah Turner is a photographer focusing on the aspects of aerial photography. He grew up loving art and always loved the idea of taking pictures. He started his passion for photography with his phone camera. He then went on to purchase a drone to take aerial shots. He discovered a new perspective in the art of photography, from the sky down to the earth. 

Aerial photography provides a whole new perspective on the earth and features of the landscape. Trees become bushes while waves and hills become like strokes from a paintbrush. Aerial photography is a new and unique art form emerging from our developments in technology. Drones have provided this artform.

Micah Turner Photography can provide several services, from prints of photography to personal drone filming or stills. Check out The Print Shop for various types of our photography on several forms of prints. If you inquire a drone session or a custom print, please contact us using the listed contacts below.


Facebook: @Micah Turner Photos

Instagram: @micahturner.photography

Flickr: Micah Turner Photography


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